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Colorado Ranching Since 1950

Located just a few miles north of Pueblo, Colorado, Tee Cross Ranches encompass over 95,000 acres in the vast ranching country of Southwest Colorado.

Quality Performance Horses

In October 2011 Mr. Robert C. Norris was awarded the prestigious AQHA Breeder Legacy Award. This award recognizes 50 consecutive years of breeding the American Quarter Horse.

Tee Cross Ranches has been nominated for AQHA’s Best Remuda Award in 2013 and 1999. This prestigious award recognizes ranching operations that have developed their own breeding program of outstanding Quarter Horses used on the ranch and competitive in many disciplines worldwide.


Brands remain critical to ranchers’ livelihoods, lives

By Regan Foster The Pueblo Chieftain

Published: May 22, 2016

cheiftan02Through the fog and gentle mist, the cattle appeared. Two herds, being driven by more than a dozen whistling equestrians.

At the riders’ prompting the animals beat an orderly herd, filing into a large segmented corral. From there, the ranch hands began carefully separating the cattle.